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Audio Engineering & Production

  The job of a recording engineer is not only to record audio, but to edit and mix it in such a way as to make the audio sound the best it possibly can. During a recording session, he must listen to audio from both a musical and a technical perspective, looking for ways to adjust the equipment, recording levels and even the performance of the artist in such a way that the recorded product sounds perfect. The first job responsibility of the recording engineer is to make sure that all of the studio equipment is working correctly and that it's properly set up for the recording session. The most basic goal of a recording session is to get a clean recording of the audio. If equipment isn't functioning properly -- and that includes everything from microphones to computer software -- then you're going to waste the client's money on lousy recordings or downtime in the studio.

  Audio post production is the general term for all stages of production happening between the actual recording in a studio and the completion of a master recording. It involves, sound design, sound editing, audio mixing, and the addition of effects.

Music Production
Audio Production

  Studio 12's Vocal and Editing package was designed to blend and create a final vocal product ready to mix.  Many people waste valuable studio time trying to correct improper vocals during recording and mix sessions.  Studio 12  Vocal Tuning is a discounted way to get your vocals release ready.  Most all vocals released today have had tuning work completed prior to the track being mixed. Even if pitch is not a problem, basic vocal tweaking will tighten and fatten vocals to get the sound you need to make your song stand out.  Make sure your vocals are industry ready!


★ Have your vocals pitch aligned to the key of the song

★ Align the timing of notes to sit better in the pocket

★ Adjust amplitude to tame or accentuate certain pitches inside    


★ Align background vocals pitch and timing for a tighter sound

★ Reduce or emphasize vibrato

★ Reduce or emphasize pitch drift

★ Tuning and editing is done with a combination of Melodyne,

     Autotune, Vocalign, and more

  As your dependable Recording Studio Atlanta, our recording and audio engineering services are second to none, and are also competitively priced. We are the Record Production Company in Atlanta that every smart-wise musician and audio project client turn to for the perfect audio engineering solutions.

  To finish your song in the best possible way desired for world-class standards, our audio engineering service is what you need to perfect your recording. At our Atlanta studio space, we can work meticulously with you to create the best possible end result for your audio projects. Every project our expert audio engineers work on - gets treated with the accuracy and detail required to deliver the best sounding results possible. 

  Considering the elements and processes of recording and audio engineering, we utilize a vast range of great sounding microphones and equipment, all of which have been carefully chosen to get the best outcomes working in the digital arena, whilst still retaining the features of analogue.

  With our audio engineering service in Atlanta, we can pool together extensive spectrum of analogue and digital recording techniques that will make any project WOW and OUTSTANDING!

With expert audio engineers in our recording production company Atlanta, we are able to swiftly get the ideal levels and tones on any instrument to allow you as an artist to flow more creatively. All our cutting edge equipment and instruments helps to make getting sounds and compiling vocals fast and efficient.

  With our Audio Mixing and Engineering Services in Atlanta, our number one priority is providing the best possible outcomes for every project or event. Every project that we have executed has served to strengthen our engineering aptitudes, and our varied experience across a multiplicity of projects has provided our engineers a perspective on audio engineering that only few engineers are able to attain in this current times. We simply work with you – going above and beyond to realize the results you yearn for professionally and affordably!

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