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~Studio 12's Clients~

Born in Atlanta, Georgia and singing since the age of 3, Angelina Sarantis comes to us with something completely different from what most of us music lovers are accustomed to; unique artistry. In an era where a protocol of redundancy prevails the pop and alternative airwaves, Angelina has created a genre all her own...

Born in Atlanta, raised in Douglasville, Joe "Dirt", the Georgia native, has been playing music since the age of 14. Now at the age of 26, he plays numerous instruments, as well produces Hip Hop, R&B/Soul, Pop, and Folk music. He is an audio engineer, graduating from SAE Institute of Technology Atlanta in 2010...

Something Left After Misfortune (aka "S.L.A.M.") was founded in Atlanta in 1999 by Chris Burkett (vocals), Toma Oliver (guitar), Chris Langley (drums) and Casey Kline (guitar). They set out to give rock music fans something new. Tiring of the "my dad spanked me too much" aggro rock spewing from the lips of upper middle income...

The brainchild of Transmission founder/guitarist/songwriter Tommy "Tommy-T" Thompson and manager/producer Gary Carrico in Atlanta, GA, UltraDrive is a melodic active-rock band that stirred up quite an immediate buzz as an ATL-based regional supergroup from the time they began to play out in late 2006...

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Join our client list by booking your next recording session at Studio 12! We have everything you need to produce a successful album, some tracks, or even beats. Come to a place that feels like home with experts that will guide you on the road to achieving all of your dreams.

Gypsy Pearl
Joe "Dirt" Waddell

Eleven Standing Still is an Atlanta based hard rock band whose music has been attracting the attention of people from all generations. The debut album "Turn To Rust" is a rollercoaster ride of styles, influences and relatable lyrics.

11 Standing Still has been a prominent piece in the music scene in Atlanta for quite some...

Gem The Phoenix
Hannah Monroe

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11 Standing Still
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