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Mastering is the process of turning a collection of songs into an album (or single, or playlist, or podcast…) and combining them to create a final master for manufacturing. Or – it’s making your music sound the best it can be.

In mixing you are balancing the instruments to get a great mix of each song, in mastering you are balancing songs against each other to get a great sequence. This can vary from being a very subtle process, involving minor tweaks to polish the existing mixes, through to occasionally being a complete rescue mission for problem songs, or where detailed restoration is needed.

Briefly the process involves:

  • Balancing (not matching) the level and tonal balance (EQ) of songs

  • Controlling the dynamic range – how loud and quiet each section is, for the right musical balance of variety and power

  • Editing “tops and tails” – the beginning an end of each song, and the gaps, to create a compelling sequence

  • Fixing any outstanding problems from the mix, if possible

  • Creating a secure, reliable manufacturing master, including PQ information, UPC/EAN codes, ISRCs, CD-Text


~The Mastering Process~ 

  Once your project has been recorded and mixed to a top quality standard, the final step is mastering. We use ProTools or Logic Pro X  for mastering your final mix. We need a recommended 24bit data file of the 2track mix that has no plug ins such as compressors or limiters on the master fader. Mastering is done on a per song basis and is an unattended session.

Please call us at the number listed at the bottom of our page for mastering services & package deals.

 As your preferred Recording Studio in Atlanta, we take every recording stage seriously because the most little and then significant elements actually make up the perfect final production.

So right from recording, to mixing and then to mastering within our Atlanta Recording Studio, our expert music engineers will provide you the ultimate mastering process with perfect fine tuning for the final audio post production stage that will keep your job nothing more but professional and classical.

  As a flexible recording studio, we provide the ideal mastering that can be distributed on CD, iTunes/YouTube & other Vinyl formats amongst others – with the BEST standards in focus.

Mastering your music project(s) is the final stage of any professional audio recording job, and this is done once the mixing stage is concluded. The main reason why mastering is important – is basically to get the audio to sound exactly the same way as it did sound in the studio space - when played back on other different audio systems outside the studio.


  Mastering your music in our Atlanta recording company transforms the final mix of your music track(s) into something that should be set for commercial consumption at the best standards required in today’s music industry. Mastering simply helps to bring together a collection of tracks - to sound more like they are from the same recording sessions, helping them all fit together more persuasively to the ears of the end listener.

  The goal of mastering is to create a cohesive sounding album. Levels and tones are adjusted so that the sound of all the songs on the album match one another. Within each song a variety of tools are used to improve the sound and give it that extra “punch.” These tools include multi-band compression and equalization, among others. Finally the songs are placed in the order they will appear on the album and proper spacing is placed between the songs. The mastering engineer will also insert text such as artist and title into each song. If desired he or she can add IRSC codes. Mastering can be done in the original recording studio or in a specialized mastering studio. For a discussion of making this choice, contact us at


  When issues are seen during the mixing stage, such can be fixed at the Mastering stage. The mastering stage is where the final track order is created, standard codes and track text details added and then produced to desired formats for duplication of the final product. Our music engineers and experts provide the best music and audio mastering services in Atlanta!

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