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   Born in Atlanta, Georgia and singing since the age of 3, Angelina Sarantis comes to us with something completely different from what most of us music lovers are accustomed to; unique artistry. In an era where a protocol of redundancy prevails the pop and alternative airwaves, Angelina has created a genre all her own; Pop-Rock with a worldly twist, wholly encompassed by her band, Gypsy Pearl.

   Gypsy Pearl's eclectic sound boasts of the ethnic influences from Angelina's upbringing in a highly musical and festive atmosphere. Angelina was influenced by her family-owned dinner and dance club called "The Grecian Village" in the 70's where her father played in the house band and her mother would occasionally bellydance. Additional musical influences stem from growing up listening to everything really, such as; The pop culture 80's queen herself, Madonna. She grew extremely fond of Madonna during her teens and identified with her free spirit and consistent messages of self-expression as a woman.

   Cindy Lauper, Cher, Prince, Pearl Jam, Incubus, Elvis, Peter Gabriel, Allanis Morisette, Live, and Sting are just a few incredible artists that make up a diverse palette of influences that have definitely helped to form Gypsy Pearl Music. Angelina is a professional bellydancer and enjoys playing her Egyptian pearl inlay jembe drum. She is also influenced by the Middle Eastern rhythms of bellydance and world drumming music ancient and modern.
   Angelina is living a life of creating and producing music and invites us all to come along for the adventurous ride with her. She acknowledges the power of music and embraces the art form as an avenue to not only to entertain, but to uplift others. She feels that the element of joy is such a necessity in life, and most of the messages in her music entertain that very ideal. The Gypsy Pearl sound will take the listener on an international voyage to love, happiness, and free-spirited fun.

Angelina Sarantis

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