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Outboard Gear

TC - Helicon Voice Live Rack

VoiceLive Rack combines a transparent, digitally controlled mic
preamp, a full suite of adaptive pre-effects, and TC-Helicon's industry
leading, complete vocal effects path to produce any vocal sound you've
heard or dreamed of. Now, whether you're constructing a giant vocal
track for your latest tune or mixing front-of-house at today's tour stop, VoiceLive Rack delivers the vocal magic.

TC - Helicon Voice Live 2

 The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 takes singers out of the world of

stompbox-style control and gives you a new level of hands-on

performance possibilities. After all, since you've got your hands free to

grab the mic when you want to, why rely on pedal-only effects? Get

 your fingertips on the VoiceLive Touch 2 and take charge of harmonies, effects, and even looping. The intuitive display screen puts you in touch with all the controls you need. You can easily navigate through 200+ presets to find the perfect sound. And you can also store your favorite combinations/edited presets to 25 fast-access memory locations. 

Line 6 Floor POD Plus

The Line 6 Floor POD Plus gives you all the great features of the

studio-standard POD 2.0 along with additional premium effects in a

floor pedal with real time foot controls. Inside this road-ready package

you get 32 amp models that you can mix and match with 16 cab

models, 6 delay models, full-time compressor, and 20 other effects (including choruses, flangers, reverbs, sub-octave, and synth). Ideal for live performance or in the studio, Floor POD Plus is easy to use and ready to rock at a moment's notice. Just plug in front of any guitar amp and crank it up, or plug directly into the board to instantly access famous POD direct tone.

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