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The brainchild of Transmission founder/

guitarist/songwriter Tommy "Tommy-T"

Thompson and manager/producer Gary

Carrico in Atlanta, GA, UltraDrive is a

melodic active-rock band that stirred up

quite an immediate buzz as an ATL-based

regional supergroup from the time they began to play out in late 2006. At first sporting a rotating cast of players, UltraDrive has now evolved into a core line-up, and has been hailed as "big, fresh 21st Century arena-rock… think Alice in Chains-meets-Velvet Revolver-fronted by Daughtry.. dark guitar crunch topped by big hooks, tight harmonies and hot solos".

In only their 3rd show ever, UltraDrive was chosen to open for Army of Anyone.

With influences ranging from STP, Alice in Chains and Tool all the way to Hendrix and The Beatles, UltraDrive is known for what has been called its "arena sound". Despite being essentially a 3-piece power-trio with a lead singer, UltraDrive churns out big, powerful melodic active-rock, often featuring 2 and 3-part harmonies in the process.

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