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Studio 12 Rates:

We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help all musicians make professional sounding recordings.
All rates include an engineer.  We also offer extras that may not be listed here.  For a full listing of our services and extras use the following links:

Studio Time:

Atlanta Pro Audio

Vcal Recording

~$55 Per Hour Studio Time

~$125 Vocal w/ 2 Track Mix and Master with Engineer

~$175 Vocal w/ Instrumental Mix and Master with Engineer


Studios in Atlanta

Full Band Recording - With access to studio instruments (must sign a waver)

~$100 Per Hour - with Engineer

~$90 Per Hour Block Special (6 Hours or More) - With Engineer


Atlanta Pro Audio

Music Production:

Atlanta Pro Audio


~Starts at $20 per song (up to 6 minutes) - With Engineer


~Digital Music Production (Software Only) 

(ie. 2 track instrumental)

~Track Leases start at 6 months for $250 (No Video or Radio)


With Video and radio

~starting at $500

--With Producer

~Exclusive Rights prices vary

~Listening session

(If client wants to pick a track from Joe’s Library)


Live Instrument Production

(Live and Software Instruments)

~Leases start at 6 months for $500 (No Video or Radio)


--With Producer

~w/ video and radio rights (start at $800) - With Producer

~Exclusive rights prices vary


Scoring - Movie or Video

~Production bundles are available upon specific project negotiation


Film Services

~Audio Sync Services are available (voice over, FX, Music, etc.)

~Sound FX and service are available


Session Filming Service

~Hourly session filming

~Hourly session filming - Editing

Book a Session Today:

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Studio Time/ Mixing
Mastering/ Music Production
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