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To apply:

-Email only, no phone calls please-

  We are always accepting applications. Please send a resume and cover letter (explaining a bit about yourself, why you are seeking an internship with us, and why you should be chosen) to:


  We promise to review every resume sent. Upon the next available opening (usually every 2 to 4 months) we will set up in-person interviews with all promising leads. If you are outside of Georgia and unable to come in for an interview, we may be willing to set up a Skype interview; however, we do not do interviews over  the  phone.

What to expect:

  This is an unpaid internship. We typically keep 2 interns on staff.

You will be scheduled for 2 days per week, and expected to be available to come in on those days. Start times vary, and shifts can last up to 12 hours or more. Internships last for a period of 6 months. Occasionally internships may be extended for a longer period if the intern shows promise and is likely to earn a position in the very near future. We reserve the right to end an internship early for any reason. 

  Duties include: routine cleaning, sweeping, wiping down counters, stocking, taking out trash, greeting clients and guests, setting up and breaking down for sessions, going on store or food runs for clients.

  Opportunities include: observing day-to-day operations, sitting in on sessions with major artists and producers, working with high end equipment, learning from experienced engineers, gaining real world experience in a fast paced professional environment, training in current techniques and methods of recording and mixing, possibly even engineering sessions as well as other increased responsibilities based on skill level and abilities.



Learn to run sessions from experienced recording engineers, and gain the skills needed to become a professional engineer.  Sit in on real sessions with seasoned artists, producers, and songwriters to witness the creative process in action.



– Graduate of a recognized engineering or music technology program. At times we may make exceptions to this rule and accept current students in such programs. We may consider giving school credit to students required to do internships, in which case you are encouraged to apply well in advance.


– Solid foundation of engineering

– Knowledge of signal flow

– Logic Pro experience

– Pro Tools experience

– Musical knowledge a plus

– High technical aptitude

– Good people skills

– Problem solving abilities

– Career focused individuals


– We prefer interns who are focused on becoming professional audio engineers, and really want to learn. We do not accept those who want to be rappers,

singers, songwriters, or producers, or any other music industry position.


– An open schedule. A part time job or school schedule is acceptable, but a full time job or too many other obligations usually causes too much of a conflicting schedule.

– Your own reliable car is a must.

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