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  Video is one of the most effective online marketing tools available to artists and businesses today. Video can help you increase your search rankings, drive massive amounts of traffic to your website! Need to shoot a video to release with your next single? 

  Atlanta Studio 12 has helped artist and businesses create high quality brand videos that attract and convert more new client every day! 

Some of our services include...

Video Editing and Production

  A company’s values can be communicated in so many ways, and the value of how you talk to your audience cannot be under estimated. We’ve produced all styles, from testimonials, to product launches and everything in between.

Scoring - Movie or Video


    - Production bundles are available upon specific project negotiation


Film Services


    - Audio Sync Services are available (voice over, FX, Music, etc.)

    - Sound FX and service are available


Session Filming Service


    - Hourly session filming

    - Hourly session filming - Editing


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