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Studio Space In Atlanta



At Studio 12 in Atlanta we offer serveral options for pre-production and rehearsal space. All rooms are on a hourly basis. Please call us for availability: 1-404-455-0277

As a leading recording studio in Atlanta, we are known for our superior project executions which is the reason why a vast majority of musicians locally and from other states or countries visit our pro audio and production studio space in Atlanta.

Where other studios in the area offer subpar services, our expert music engineers provide world-class recording and engineering services within our comfortable and serene studio space.

As a highly experienced studio – we take your project(s) and transform them into exceptional works of art.

After recording your music, we proceed to offer the greatest mixing service that will help fine-tune your tracks to 100% perfection.  Simply put, we help you find the right balance! 

With attentive ears and fingers, coupled with a wealth of experience in the music recording industry,  your tracks will be professionally recorded.  With powerful cutting-edge equipment and tools, we will help produce the perfect mix that will offer your music the right support and balance that it requires.

Right here at our studio, we take care of panning, adding the right compression, keeping with dynamics, balancing volumes and cleaning up the entire process to eliminate noise and distortions.

So from recording to mixing to mastering, we are the #1 studio space in Atlanta and are the only stop you need to make!

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